Our Story

Like everyone else, it was a dilemma when we shop for home products - we often had to choose between premium brands that were exorbitantly priced or mass-market brands that were ubiquitous in quality and design.
As consumers ourselves, we were frustrated with the lack of a middle ground. We were floored by the excessive markups, and we wanted an alternative where we can have quality at an affordable price. We searched for a brand that offered home essentials worth waking up to, but we couldn’t find one that that meets our expectations, so we created MOOCOHOME: thoughtfully-designed and premium quality everyday goods at completely transparent prices.

The essence of a well-made product stems from the materials used to construct it. Hence, we source the finest materials from all over the world, and allow our artisans to construct the timeless product that you have in your hand in today.

Under the ODM business model, the exterior, aesthetics, materials, dimensions and patented technologies are developed by the ODM and these product and design rights belong to them.

There is no direct ownership of the product by any single brand entity, allowing the ODM to produce for more than one brand.