Our Story




The furniture industry is one of the most lucrative businesses because of its highly marked-up items, especially premium brands. Retailers take advantage of the fact that items are widely used in all homesteads, offices, and schools. When we needed to upgrade our furniture, we inquired in several stores that sold their premium furniture at high prices; still, we did not find what would suit our needs in mass-market brand stores. We were in dilemma whether to consider premium brands or other mass markets though they were ubiquitous in design and quality. While considering the mass market brand furniture, we could not get specific items that would suit our preferences since items were made on a large scale for many end consumers. Our endless search for particular furniture was unfruitful, and an idea bore an idea to be a middle ground, making thoughtfully-designed and affordable premium quality, we created Moocohome.
The idea behind Moocohome was to make well-made products with the best materials sourced worldwide. Also, the artisans deliver the best quality, suiting the client’s preference. Our furniture is best from solid woods from North America, Australia, including oak wood and bench wood which are environmentally friendly. We offer great products from offices, kid’s furniture, carpets, rugs, and homewares, which they are delighted with the quality and affordable prices. Our competitive advantage is we make niche products for customers and are cost-friendly.
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